Hello :) I’m Steve, a Frontend Developer and UI Designer from York. I love working in agile, interdisciplinary teams, building products that make a difference in peoples’ lives.

  • UI & Interaction Design

    I've led the UI design for digital products alongside being a design-hero developer within product teams.

  • Frontend Development

    Razor sharp frontend development skills with a specialty in building component driven UIs using JavaScript/TypeScript and React.

  • User Experience Design

    Adept at wireframes and digital product design. Wider experience in product management, digital marketing and user research.

Effective Experiments

Frontend Development / React+GraphQL

Tech:React (CRA), GraphQL (React-Apollo), webpack, ES6, Enzyme, Jest, Storybook

Bytemark Accounts

UI Design / Frontend Development / React+Redux

Date:2018 – 2019
Tech:React (CRA), Redux, webpack, ES6, Enzyme, Jest

Bytemark Cloud

Product Strategy / UI/UX Design / Frontend Development / AngularJS

Screenshot of Bytemark Cloud
Date:2014 – 2018
Tech:AngularJS, Protractor, Grunt, Browserify, Selenium
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