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Date: – Client: Self – Work: Design Front-end

A recent A List Apart article on Artistic Distance got me a thinking; As much of my designing is done in the browser (for better or worse) I could use a tool that lets me quickly take a different look at the things I’m making.

I did a quick sketch on the iPad (at the time being infatuated with Paper) and toyed with the name Perspective. Maybe the poncey name put me off as it was shoved on the backburner, whilst I dealt with self employment.

Steven Urmston - Freelance Web & UI Designer

I had another bash refining the concept last week (this is why I’m self employed) also coming up with the name Squinty.

Steven Urmston - Freelance Web & UI Designer

Better name in place; I’ve spent the last couple of days developing the concept and I'm happy to say I built a pretty decent prototype Chrome extension. It’s currently only available on Github and isn't tested beyond the latest and greatest version.

I'm sure I’ll get around to submitting the Chrome store but in the meantime; hope somebody finds it useful. Any feedback much appreciated :)

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