Glasses Complete

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Date: – Client: Designition – Work: Strategy Interaction Design Front-end

A long term client at Designition; Glasses Complete sell prescription glasses online and approached us to transform their simple E-commerce site to an all-singing shopping experience which would hold up against the market leader; Glasses Direct.

I wireframed user-journeys though a series of complex interactions, and was able to refine these when building the final website though prototyping different implementations.

The core experience is faceted navigation for frames; enabling users to refine their selection as they browse, whilst keeping a pick up and play element.

Steven Urmston - Freelance Web & UI Designer

I'm very proud of my work refining the customisation of frames process which is both powerful and smooth and almost completely error proof. In particular I was able to work in an additional requirement for multiple colour tints on frames in a way that looks like it was always meant to be that way.

Steven Urmston - Freelance Web & UI Designer

Steven Urmston - Freelance Web & UI Designer

The building of this site required me to write complicated checkout and filtering systems in PHP and progressively layer JavaScript interactions layer on top. I believe it made me a better programmer.

The site was a commercial success and is maintains that performance several years later with minimal updates.

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