Do I Need A Vet?

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We were approached to take a vet advice forum and make it financially self-sustaining whilst still keeping the service free. A quandry we tackled by moving the site to genuine question & answer model alongside adding a combination of donation opportunities and a optional tier of advanced features for a yearly suscription.

To encourage users to donate at opportune moments I decided to allow vets to decide whether to include a donation request along with their answers. This allowed vets to pick an appropriate moment and more importantly avoided requests appearing alongside sensitive posts, often involving berievement.

Steven Urmston - Freelance Web & UI Designer

I also implemeted a dark (grey) pattern to encourage users to pay for advanced features by requiring they view a popup of benefits upon asking a question, and making the dismiss link a secondary action. I think I got the balence right between meeting the site goals whilst maintaing usability.

Steven Urmston - Freelance Web & UI Designer

My redesign dramatically increaed the volume of questions and answers and had been successful in generating a modest income for the vet owner.

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