York Vale Cricket Scores

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Date: – Client: Designition – Work: Strategy Design Front-end

A cricket league association approached us to help speed up the process of submitting match scorecards for verification (done by both teams after a match) and to prevent missing data.

In consultation with stakeholders (particualrly on the peculiarities of cricket rules) I led the design of a web application. Using the structure of a wizard style form; a complicated scorecard is distilled into simple steps which can then be progressively validated against league requirements to ensure correct results.

I developed the app using a set of PHP form classes which I've built up over a number of years at Designition. This allowed for fine-tuned validation and user-friendly messaging using limited development, allowing time to be spent on custom features such as automatic score & result calculations.

I was particularly happy with how the step controls turned out;

Steven Urmston - Freelance Web & UI Designer

And the occasional emotive message about the final result.

Steven Urmston - Freelance Web & UI Designer

Feedback from users and adminisrators has been very positive, and has provided opportunities for design tweaks and future development ideas.

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