I’m No Slacker, Just Self-employed.

Having recently changed my employment status from Safely Employed to the altogether more distressing Scarily Self-Employed, it’s true, I even changed it on which is all business, I want to explain my reasons.

A mostly selfish endeavour (that’s blogging for you) this post might also serve those wondering why a thirty something husband & mortgage holder might swap a stable income for a life of perpetual worry.

The wise and/or married amongst you might also wonder how I convinced Sarah. But I digress; What follows is my account of the reasoning. I’m sticking to the story.

Who needs training wheels?

Starting out, the employee safety net is a wonderful thing; It protects you from bad judgements and creates space for you to learn. It’s why I’m immensely grateful to Designition (who are hiring btw). Now clearly I’d be foolish to think my mistakes made, but I’m no fool and I believe I’ve made most of the big ones.

I’m aware my work will not be perfect, but I want full responsibility for it. To live and die by its quality. I’m not saying all employees need training wheels, just that I’m ready to lose mine and I believe my life and work will be the better for it.

A rhythm of your own

Given that statements of this ilk could easily contribute to the freelancer in pants cliché, which I might add, defending yourself against is possibly the worst part of being self-employed … I want to clarify a little.

I think we all know the point of no return in a day. The point when the coffee no longer works, no matter how meticulously prepared. The point when you are barely more than going though the motions, mostly checking Twitter, or in particularly severe cases, Facebook.

Being self employed lets you work within your capabilities; I work intensely and can easily burn myself out working 8 hours in a sitting. This means I structure my day into shorter bursts including gaps long enough to be suspicious in most work environments.

Clearly this approach doesn’t prevent Facebook from ever happening. But you have another out; Stopped being effective? Do something completely different; Go outside, exercise. Come back and make up the time later. You might even solve a few of your problems doing that anyway.

It’s not all standing desks in the sunshine

Although that is actually happening right now, self employment isn’t all rosy. Like much of life; the negatives are just the flip side of the good bits.

Personally I’m looking for balance. I’ll let you know how I get on.