Bacon In The Sky ... With Diamonds.

Hot damn I've only launched a personal website! As something of a serial scrapper, I've burnt through my fair share of designs, all preferable to the fat nothing my domain has worn for the last 5 years.

Recently I've begun to consider why I even want a website, and I believe this thought process has tipped me over the edge. Thus as an eternal reminder of my own personal solution to scrapping, I shall now scratch my reasons into this HTML.

Learn by doing

I want to experiment with the bleeding edge techniques which I love about my job (more to come, but responsive and SVG are go). I shall also improve something I feel is a weakness; my writing, which whilst not a disaster, needs the polish which only consistently doing can bring.

Make waves

No, not that kind. The Web is constantly shifting. I will use Clearbar to document the work I am proud of, before it's inevitable demise.

Give something back

I've been making websites for about a decade, during which time I've consumed vast quantities of content, created by supremely talented people. Yet I never contribute, I don't even leave comments.

This will change. Hold me to it.