The Low Down

So I’m Steve, a 30 something designer and developer from York. I’ve been lucky enough to spend the past decade making websites, picking up a well rounded skillset in user experience, interaction and interface design. I’m passionate about creating elegant and effortless interfaces for web and mobile.

Technically I have expert skills in front-end web development HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I keep myself bang up to date with new techniques and technologies including responsive design, advanced HTML5 and CSS3, toolkits such as Sass and Compass, and modern JavaScript including AngularJS & node.js.

I’m highly experienced in PHP with knowledge of many popular frameworks and CMS systems (Kirby, Perch, Wordpress, CodeIgnitor) and comfortable developing OOP and integrated e-commerce systems myself. I have some experience using Ruby (Rails), good knowledge of Git, and can (up to a point) maintain Linux based servers.

I’m available for contract and freelance work, either remotely, or on site, so if you think I would be a good fit for your business; please do get in touch. I’d love to chat!